Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC, is offering a special Maine Winter Cabin Adventure.
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Maine: The way life should be
Acadia can't wait to meet the next guests!.
Dog sledding in Starks, ME

Travel Arrangements

Our very special Maine dog sledding Adventure is held at our cozy cabin in Starks, Maine.

Participants are responsible for travel to and from central Maine.

Through the years, we've had guests at our Maine dog sledding adventure from Maine, Maryland, Virginia, Connecticut, and Canada. Where ever you hail from, we are confident that you will take plenty of great stories and memories home to share with friends and family.

The cabin is approximately an 11 hour (650 miles) drive from Baltimore, Maryland and the DC area. The cabin is approximately a 4 hour (197 miles) drive from Boston, Massachusetts, a 7 hour (406 miles) drive from New York City, a 5 hour (263 miles) drive from Providence, Rhode Island, a 5 hour (293 miles) drive from Hartford, Connecticut, and a short 1 hour, 45 minute drive from Portland and Bangor, Maine.

Participants can choose to drive or fly to the closest airport and rent a vehicle.

The closest airports to the cabin are Bangor, Maine (BGR) and Portland, Maine (PWM). Bangor is approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes from Starks, Maine while Portland's airport is approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes from Starks, Maine.

Other options include taking the train to either Boston, Massachusetts or Portland, Maine and driving from there.

Detailed driving directions will be emailed to confirmed participants.

Snow is likely in this part of Maine during the dog sledding program. It's part of the reason for this special Maine dog sledding adventure. Winter driving conditions are likely. Participants need to consider this in their travel plans. Part of the route to the cabin is on I-95, parts are on local two lane highways, and the last few miles are on a town maintained (plowed) dirt road. Since we never know what winter will bring, 4WD or AWD are highly recommended.

Participants are encouraged to consider car pooling with other participants. Confirmed participants will be supplied with a list of others attending our Maine Winter Cabin Adventure.

What to Bring

The key to staying warm during your special Maine dog sledding adventure is dressing appropriately and bringing a wide variety of clothing that can be layered to accommodate the wide range of temperatures winter in Maine can bring. Mainers frequently say: "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute." In order to help you prepare for your Maine Winter Cabin Adventure, we have prepared a gear list. If there are items you would prefer not to purchase, they may be available for rent at some specialized outdoor gear stores. Items can also frequently be purchased at a discount online. Best places to purchase or rent gear are: Cabela's, REI, LL Bean, EMS, Princeton Sports, and Hudson Trail. Online retailers include: Sierra Trading Post, Campmor, LL Bean, and Lands' End. For detailed suggestions on what to bring and more information, please visit our gear list.

Contact Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC by phone or email

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Dogsledding in Maine.
Dogsledding in Maine.
Dogsledding in Maine.
Dogsledding in Maine.
Dogsledding in Maine.
Dogsledding in Maine.

Maine Dog Sledding: Maine Winter Cabin Adventure

Four days of dog sledding at our cabin in Western Maine. Our next Maine dog sledding adventure is Winter 2020.

Do you yearn for silence? Do you love the sound of the wind whispering through the trees? Do you love dogs? Come experience dog sledding, sled dogs, and the peacefulness of the Maine woods at the Maryland Sled Dog Adventures cabin in Starks, Maine during our special Maine Winter Cabin Adventure (MWCA). Email to register. Our next Maine Winter Cabin Adventure will be held Winter 2020.

Each year, this special four day dog sledding adventure is held at the Maryland Sled Dog Adventures' cabin in Starks, Maine and includes opportunities to dog sled, cross country ski, and snow shoe. Participants will have hands on opportunities to learn how to drive their own dog team through the scenic solitude of the Maine woods. A special photo gallery features recent images from around the cabin. Our Maine Winter Cabin Adventure was featured in the Washington Post.

Our Maine Winter Cabin Adventure is designed to be a completely hands on, four day and three night, dog based adventure where women learn how, using a step by step approach, to actually drive a team of one to six sled dogs. Participants then go out and use the skills they have learned to drive on their own a team of sled dogs on the trails. In addition to dog sledding, participants are also encouraged to try cross country skiing and snow shoeing. If you would like to try cross country skiing or snowshoeing, please plan on bringing your own cross country skis, poles, boots, and snowshoes.

What can you expect from your Maine dog sledding adventure? Dog sledding instruction on miles of scenic Maine trails. During this adventure, you will be immersed in learning and living a hands on dog sledding adventure. Our dog sledding adventure is unique in that our sled dogs live indoors with us. This allows participants plenty of time for bonding with the sled dogs and unique opportunities for lots of doggy kisses.

Dog sledding in Maine.
Snowshoeing in Maine near the cabin Snowshoeing (with or without a sled dog) is an easy way to explore a winter wonderland. If you can walk, you can probably snow shoe. Snowshoes, unlike cross country skis or dog sleds, can be used in areas where the snow has not been packed down. Snowshoeing is a great cardiovascular workout! Snow shoes can be purchased inexpensively in stores or online from LL Bean or REI. For additional information on snow shoes, please visit our Maine Winter Cabin Adventure gear list.
In addition to lots of doggie fun, you can expect fabulous meals at your Maine Winter Cabin Adventure. All meals include a touch of gourmet dining. For a sample menu, please click here. A gourmet breakfast
Animal tracks in the snow

Other activities include trying to identify the fresh animal tracks that are seen around the cabin every morning. This part of Maine is home to abundant wild life including bear, moose, coyotes, foxes, raccoons, and deer. Prints and scat are frequently spotted around the cabin.

Do you enjoy photography? Why not take a photographer's tour with accomplished photographer and sled dog dad, Eric, through the scenic Maine woods. Take some photos home along with your great memories of this unique dog sledding adventure. Eric's photographs have been published. Samples of Eric's photography are available through out this website.

A winter wonderland

Sammi finds a place to relax

While our Maine Winter Cabin Adventure promises to be an exciting event and participants will be active dog sledding much of the day, there will be plenty of opportunities to relax in front of the toasty warm wood stove with a book or a blanket. One of our sled dogs might even join you. For a sample schedule from prior years' Maine dog sledding adventures, please click here.

What can you hope to gain from choosing this dog sledding adventure? New friends, respect and love of our wonderful sled dogs, a basic understanding of dog sledding, lots of doggy kisses, and a deeper understanding and love for the outdoors.

Sled dogs make for good friends

Our Maine Winter Cabin Adventure is a family affair and we are a small, family run business. Your hosts for your special Maine dog sledding adventure will be sled dog dad, Eric, and sled dog Mom, Catherine.

To maintain the intimate nature of our Maine Winter Cabin Adventure and to ensure sufficient hands-on experiences dog sledding for each participant with the sled dogs, our Maine Winter Cabin Adventure is limited to just four participants.

About the Cabin

Our three bedroom, 1200 square foot cabin is well equipped with propane heat, a wood stove, electricity, indoor plumbing (not always the case in rural Maine!), a full kitchen, full bath, and other amenities. There is no TV, internet, or phone, and cell phone coverage is spotty at best. The nearest towns to Starks, Maine are Madison, Maine (8 miles), Farmington, Maine (13 miles), and Skowhegan, Maine (19 miles). The cabin is nestled in the trees on approximately two acres and is situated on a town maintained (plowed) dirt road. Dog sledding, cross country skiing, and snow shoeing trails begin 300 feet from the cabin and criss cross the Maine countryside for hundreds of miles. Come experience Maine, the way life should be.

A puppylike Drogo at the cabin

During your four day dog sledding adventure, you will rest in comfort in our new Maine log cabin situated in the small town of Starks, Maine. Enjoy the coziness of living with twelve happy sled dogs. Participants will be divided between two bedrooms and will be sharing a bathroom with all others in attendance. Sleeping arrangements will be a mixture of cots, beds, and bunks.

Acadia keeping the bedroom warm

Maine Program Requirements

Who should attend our women's dog sledding Maine Winter Cabin Adventure? If you love dogs, have an adventurous nature, are open to new experiences, have always wanted to learn about dog sledding and sled dogs, and love the great outdoors, then this trip is for you. Our Maine Winter Cabin Adventure is ideal for individual women, mother-daughter pairs, or small groups of older Girl Scouts.

The 2011 Maine Winter Cabin Adventure was a lot of fun for all involved!

Participants should be in good physical shape and expect to be active during the program. Participants must be at least 14 years of age. Participants under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a participating adult.

Can I physically do this trip? While we are happy to tailor this trip to different ability levels, participants should be in good physical shape and capable of aerobic and anaerobic activity (walking, running short distances, pedaling (pushing) the dog sled, etc.). Our Maine Winter Cabin Adventure also requires the following: (1) you must be able to lift at least 25 pounds; (2) you must be able to easily lift your legs 12 inches off the ground, up and over a moving object; and (3) you must be able to walk, run, show shoe, or cross country ski one mile. If you have any questions or concerns about whether you can physically do this dog sledding trip, please email Catherine at

Payment Policies

Cost is $895 per person. A $250 non refundable deposit is due at the time of registration. To secure your space in our women's Maine Winter Cabin Adventure, you must: (1) email indicating that you would like to register; (2) complete and return our Maine Winter Cabin Adventure registration form; (3) complete and sign our waiver; and (4) mail your $250 non refundable deposit to Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC. Please note that we do not accept credit cards. All checks should be payable to Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC. Your balance, $645, is due in January. Any cancellations after this date are non refundable.

Your fee includes cozy and comfortable lodging for three nights in our log cabin, all of your meals while attending our Maine Winter Cabin Adventure, all instruction, and unlimited doggy kisses. Meals will be served family style and will be prepared by amateur chef and sled dog mom, Catherine, with assistance from sous chef and sled dog dad, Eric. Please be sure to indicate any food restrictions on your registration form. Please visit our sample menu for additional information on meals during your Maine Winter Cabin Adventure.

We hope to see you at our women's Maine Winter Cabin Adventure!

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