Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC, Central Maryland's only dog sledding operation.  Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC offers Boy Scout and Girl Scout activities, educational dog sledding tours, and dog sled programs near Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, and Washington, DC.
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Acadia sleeps inside in Maine
Acadia is happy that she spends her nights in Maine inside!
Acadia, Loomis, Weld, Peeps, Okemo, and Sobo return home from a run in Lexington Township, Maine
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Dogsledding in Maine
Dogsledding in Maine
Dogsledding in Maine
Dogsledding in Maine

Maine Winter Cabin Adventure

Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC's hosts a special women's only Maine Winter Cabin Adventure annually. Come experience dog sledding, sled dogs, and the peacefulness of the north Maine woods at the Maryland Sled Dog Adventures cabin in Starks, Maine during our special Maine Winter Cabin Adventure (MWCA). For more information on our Maine Winter Cabin Adventure, see our Maine Adventure page.


' Vale and Beaver lead the team
Double driving, or using two sleds, is helpful in teaching participants how to dog sled.
Madeline driving a four dog team including Vale and Beaver in lead and Lumos and Acadia in wheel.
Learning to harness Beaver into a dog sledding harnes A special Sammamish siberian husky greeting
Learning to harness Beaver into an x-back dog sledding harness.
A special Sammamish Siberian Husky greeting.
Visiting sled dog Kelims Lumos serves as a model for harnessing Drivers education with sled dogs Beaver and Vale
Kelim's Lumos is a willing model for harnessing.
Participants learn to drive the sled with two dogs under controlled conditions. Beaver and Vale serve simultaneously as lead, team and wheel dogs.
Snowshoeing with the dogs Acadia and Gypsy look ready to head down the trail.
Snowshoeing with the dogs was a great way to enjoy the afternoon.
Acadia and Gypsy look ready to tear down the trail.
Sharon heads up the trail Luke and Acadia barely touch the snow
Sharon and the sled dog team head up the trail.
Luke and Acadia's feet barely touch the snow as they run down the hill.
Food figured into the Maine Winter Cabin Adventure Sammamish gives another face lick
Food figures prominently into the Maine Winter Cabin Adventure.
There is occasionally time for face licks.
Trail direct from cabin Eric and Okemo
This snow covered trail was lined with pines and was directly accessible from the cabin.
Eric and Okemo snowshoed the trails near Starks to explore the possibilities.
Hard working sled dogs Wonderful snowshoeing near the cabin
Hard working sled dogs Okemo and Sobo share a space - on top of each other. There are wonderful snowshoeing opportunities near the cabin.
Two sled dog teams return home from a trainign run in Maine. Training in Maine
Two sled dog teams return from a training run through the snowy Maine woods.. Catherine and the team charge down the trail. Here, Catherine helps to train three other sled dogs (Peeps, Weld, and Lumos).
Sled dog team training near Farmington, Maine The theme of the cabin is to relax
Catherine and the Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC team ran part of the Whistle Stop Rail trail near Farmington, Maine. One of the themes of the cabin is to relax.


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