Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC, Central Maryland's only dog sledding operation.  Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC offers Boy Scout and Girl Scout activities, educational dog sledding tours, and dog sled programs near Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, and Washington, DC.
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Okemo started his sledding career at 7 weeks old.
Sobo loves to meet kids! This one got a clean face and plenty of doggy kisses.
Home school children learned about dog sledding

Favorite parts about dog sledding logo
Our favorite part about dog sledding. The hugs.

One of the best parts about dog powered sports is the time that you get to spend with the dogs.
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Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC is a micro mushing educational program provider in Baltimore, Maryland.

Home School and School Programs: Educational programs on dog sledding!

Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC's can provide tailored educational programs on dog sledding, sled dogs, dryland dog sledding and other topics. The programs can be customized for the age span and curriculum objectives. For more information on our educational programs, see our Tours page.


No shortage of volunteers Can am sled
No shortage of volunteers from this school program! The big Can-Am sled, fresh from adventures in Canada and Maine, waits for the students.
Beaver at Gilman School Students meet the sled dog team
One of the key parts of any school program is one of the sled dogs coming into the school. These students had the opportunity to meet the sled dog team after the on-site demonstration.
Hugs are a common part Catherine discusses dog sledding
Hugs are a common part.
Catherine presents on dog sledding to an interested group of students.
Positions on a dog sled team Zoe looks up.
The girls learned about the positions on a dog sledding team, including musher and passenger!
It's tough to find a more eco-friendly vehicle than Sobo and a dog sled.


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