Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC, Central Maryland's only dog sledding operation.  Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC offers Boy Scout and Girl Scout activities, educational dog sledding tours, and dog sled programs near Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, and Washington, DC.
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Okemo and child at Piney Run.
How many kids can say they were part of a dog sledding birthday party?
Happy Birthday from Okemo!
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Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC is a micro mushing educational program provider in Baltimore, Maryland.

Children's Birthday Parties With a Dog Sledding Theme - How many kids get to go dog sledding as part of their birthday party?

Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC can help host your child's birthday party. Our team of friendly sled dogs will help to give rides for each child and plenty of face licks and doggie kisses. Our sled dogs will even help lick up any extra birthday cake frosting!

For more information on our dog sledding birthday parties, please visit our tours page.

Birthdays are special at Maryland Sled Dog Adventures!

Small rider Awesome paw cupcakes
A few guests pose with the Fritz Dyck dog sled rig. The awesome paw print cupcakes!
Okemo wants to join the birthday party! Position of a sled dog team
Okemo looks happy to join this birthday party!
Each of the guests plays the role of one of the sled dogs on a sled dog team.
Osprey excited brother
Osprey doesn't eat a lot, but doesn't pull very hard. An excited brother joined in as well.
Part of a sled dog team. My turn to go dryland dog sledding.
I'm part of a sled dog dog team.
It's my turn to go dryland dog sledding.
A splash of color Learning about dog sledidng harnesses
This young girl provided a splash of color on the trail. Learning about dog sledding harnesses is tough work!
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